Four Reasons You Need A Killer Bio

When you meet someone for the first time, there is some semblance of two questions you will always ask:

“What’s your name?”  And  “What do you do?”

Finding common ground, building relationship, understanding the individual with their unique perspective and background live in between the lines of those questions.

The same is true for an artist bio.  And yet it is one of the things artist develop the least in their career.  Sure, your music is generally your first impression – make that good.  But in converting listeners to fans, they need to buy into who you are as people.  That’s where the bio comes in handy.

Here are my top four reasons why a killer bio is important.  Two are important, helpful and educational for the artist, two are essential for the public.

reasons you need a killer bio

As An Artist Killer Bios Are Helpful Because…

They Teach You To Speak In Sound Bites

Short, sweet, and to the point.  The best communicators know how to express what they are trying to say with as few words as possible.  Often in interviews, the journalist doesn’t have the real estate to print everything you say – so they edit.  Because you don’t have the ability to change what they edit, it’s better to edit what you say before they get the chance - meaning speak in sound bites.  Good bios teach you what matters, and how to articulate that succinctly.

It Keeps You Focused

A good bio might have lots of information, but only has one story, one focus.  And good branding is telling that one story well – a great bio will help you understand more thoroughly what your story is, and how to communicate it in everything you do.

For The Public They are Helpful Because…

It’s A Promotion Tool

If your album or concert is being reviewed or promoted, often the journalist, promoter, or media professional will pull from the artist’s bio to publicize the performance or article.  Do you really want to risk them pulling incorrect information from Wikipedia about your band?  Don’t think so.

It Tells The Reader Who You Are

What sets you apart?  Why do you matter?  What’s your story, history and passion?  A good bio will help answer all of those questions.

A good bio isn’t a profile for a dating website.   It’s a piece of your brand that clearly explains who are and what you’re about; so make it true, make it clear, make it engaging.  Let’s tell your story together.  Email me here for a quote on putting together a bio for your website, press release, or album launch.