Case Study: The Black Cadillacs

Later this week, I’ll be writing about the importance of the live show.  And so I thought it was fitting to talk about a band whose story is their live show.

the black cadillacs

The first time I saw The Black Cadillacs was opening for one of my other favorite Nashville bands, The Kicks.  Instantly, I was hooked – bluesy, dirty, rock n’ roll, like a combination of Led Zepplin and Jack White.  The energy and chemistry of their performance was rare for such a new band.  They were alive, and everyone in that room could tell.

Take a look at these videos, and you might be able to glimpse what I mean:

If you get the chance to actually see this band in person - do it!

With that being said, if they are a band whose story is their live show, there are a handful of things that I would want them to flesh out more clearly...

Recorded Music

As much as I love this band, their records don’t capture the energy that their live shows.  Producers help bring out the best in bands – The Black Cadillacs should find a producer who wants them to track everything live.  Sometimes when you put musicians in a studio individually to track solo, it loses the magic that those musicians have when they play together.

Stage Clothes

I’m not a fan of matching outfits (this isn’t the early 2000’s and this isn’t Backstreet Boys).  But it’s important that a band looks like they go together.  You can always tell bands that have been styled and plan tour outfits – effortlessly cool, and not forced.


Often the last thing touring artists are worried about is carrying their own production – sound, lights, etc.  But if your story is your live show, investing in some top of the line production will only enhance your story. 

The Black Cadillacs story is their live show.   What is your story?

Let’s learn to tell it together.  You can email me here to get started.