Sugar + The Hi-Lows: New Music, Old Soul [Case Study]

One of my favorite things about my time in Nashville is that you don’t have to dig very deep to find great talent.  And Sugar + The Hi-Lows is a great representation of the talent and collaboration that is prevalent in the city.  Two solo singer-songwriters and regular co-writers (Trent Dabbs + Amy Stroup), have created a unique blend of ‘new music [with an] old soul.’  And that friends, is their story.

Influenced by the melodies and style of the 50’s and 60’s soulful pop, Sugar + The Hi-Lows represent that new music, old soul throughout their entire visual, creative and social brand.

Even a brief scan of the band’s online presence, you can see a common theme of colors, style, look and feel that is consistent to their throwback sound.  Their stage clothes, live photos they share, and any graphics they create for their website clearly reinforce their main story.

Sugar + The Hi-Lows are a band that know how to communicate their story in every small detail of their career, here are a few of my favorite observations about the band:

Partnering With Similar Brands

Sugar + The Hi-Lows partnered with the Nashville Ballet to put on two nights of ‘Attitude’ a ballet featuring the music of Johnny Cash performed by Sugar + The Hi-Lows.


Visuals Follow The Songs

Too many artists create their ‘persona’ and write from that place.  Sugar + The Hi-Lows started writing songs that didn't fit either artist's solo career and formed the band around those songs.  And their styling, images, and music videos all flow out of those songs, which keeps everything very cohesive.

Content Heavy, Current Website

A current bio, information about tour dates, lots of pictures, social media links – this band does a great job with their website.  One of my favorite sections on their site is the ‘Press’ page.  Pulling quotes from larger articles, while still linking to the main article – it is clean and easily accessible.  [Side-note, always start with the most impressive quote from the most reputable, recognizable source… It’s great your mom like’s your record, let’s not share that on your website.]



 Sugar + The Hi-Lows story is new music old soul.

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