Record Labels: For and Against [Part 2]

DO need a label

(This is a blog is the second part of a two part post.  You can read the first about why you DON’T need a record label here.)

Here are the reasons why you DO need a record label.

There are three main things record labels provide for artists:

Expertise, access and cash.



As long as you’re not signing with your friends start up record label in their Mom’s garage (read this post about why you shouldn’t go into business with friends here), you’ll be working with people that have done their job with multiple artists.  The time and experience that these people have invested in their career will benefit your band exponentially.  Knowing and understanding the process of dealing with co-writers, producers, the recording process, how to market your release, and how to set a strong trajectory for your career are just a few of the things an established label can offer.


Because of their position – record labels have relationships with radio, PR, booking agents, artist managers and other artists that you do not.  And with that position comes a level of credibility that a label can call upon to build those relationships on your behalf.  Because all of life is ‘who you know’ aligning yourself with people that have relationships is never a bad idea.


No, I’m not talking about six-figure signing bonuses.  Those days are long gone.  But if you’ve recorded your own record, paid for merchandise, or funded a tour, you know how expensive all of those things can be.  One of the biggest benefits of a record label is that they have those funds up front.  So instead of having to decide whether you should record a few songs for an EP or print up some new t-shirts for your tour, a label could potentially help you fund both possibilities.

Just like individuals, every band is different.  One size does not fit all, and because of that some artists are more suited to signing with a record label while others are better off staying independent.  Which artist are you?  Let’s figure it out together.  Email me here.