Case Study: Palatable Artistry - John Mark McMillan

Christian music gets a bad rap.  Sometimes deserved, sometimes not.  The reality is the Christian music most people are familiar with is what they hear on Christian radio.  And just like Top 40 mainstream radio, Christian radio is not a full representation of the music coming out of a particular community.

john mark mcmillan

John Mark McMillan is an artist.  Many bands and musicians consider and identify themselves as 'artists' – but there is a big difference between being an artist and a musician… Which is another post for another time.  But when I say artist I mean: someone who is creating music with a purpose greater than entertainment, with staying power and substance.

John Mark McMillan is also a Christian musician.  Lyrically he weaves together real life with his faith through overt and subtle Biblical references – without falling into cliques and overused illustrations.  Musically his production elements have never been poor imitations of what’s going on (or has already passed) in mainstream music.  His songs are structured more like a story than they are a typical A, B, A, B, C, B format – while still being easy to follow.

Every piece of John Mark’s visual brand makes sense in the context of his music.  Whether it’s tour wardrobe, stage set up, logos and album covers – there is a simplistic artistry that is ever-present.

Being a true artist does not mean that you create things that people don’t understand.  That is in fact the antithesis of John Mark’s story – which is: palatable artistry.  John Mark knows his story, do you know yours?

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It is clear when an artist understand that their brand is more than just their songs; but that the core of their brand drives every piece of their artistic process.  Do you understand your brand?  Do you know how to communicate your brand?  Let’s figure it out together.  Email me here.