Case Study: Brooke Fraser

I love Brooke Fraser.

I do not however love, how long she’s been talking about she’s releasing new music ‘very soon.’

People don’t want you to tell them what you’re doing, they want you to show them.

brooke fraser.


Building suspense, hype and excitement for a record are very important – but you don’t need two years of talking about how you’re releasing new music to build suspense.

Fans only have so much mental energy, memory, and patience the hype machine.

Sure, things go wrong in the record deals.  Things take longer than expected in the recording process.  You can’t get your co-writer to agree on the splits.  And the producer can’t remember the name of the musician who he wants to come in and record a specific part. 

But don’t start broadcasting that you’re close to releasing new music, until you’re close to releasing new music.

Brooke has been posting for the last 18 months about this upcoming project in various forms, here are a few that I've dug up to show examples of exactly what I'm talking about...


With that being said, I really do love this new song from the forthcoming (hopefully!) Brooke Fraser record, it’s dark, minimal, and different from anything else we’ve heard from her – and that is worth hyping.  Take a listen:



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