Why You Shouldn't Hire Your Friends To Build Your House

foundation image

I know nothing about building, construction, or really anything to do with things that happen outdoors.  I do know for a building to stand it needs a solid foundation.  The same is true with your brand.

Whether it’s a house or your brand that foundation should be laid by people that know what they are doing.  Not your friends.

I know, you like having them around – that’s why they are your friends.  I know, they will work for free to be able to say ‘they knew you when,’ but we’re building something that will last – spend the money to help lay an unshakeable foundation.

Here are two (of many) things you should look for when hiring someone to help you build your brand:


A proven track record, and understanding of the industry.  Someone who has successfully been a part of other artists’ branding.


Sometimes relationships can cloud judgment.  If you’re friends first, it can make having difficult conversations even more difficult.  You need someone who can see you, your music and your situation accurately and able to speak without fear of damaging the primary bond of your relationship – your friendship.

Now, if you are friends with Ryan Tedder, T Bone Burnett, Scooter Braun, Jimmy Iovine, and Scott Borchetta – then by all means, hire your friends.  If not, let the professionals help you build your foundation.

Are you ready to build the house?  Let’s do this together.  Email me here.