Lorde: Showing Strength [Case Study]

I admit, I'm slightly obsessed (like the rest of the world) with Lorde.  At 17, she understands who she is as an artist, and how that translates to everything that she creates – her songs, her styling, her presence on social media, and her engagement with fans.

"I think my whole career can be boiled down to the one word I always say in meetings: strength." She told Rolling Stone in her January 2014 cover story.

Strength is her story.  You can see that thread in every aspect of her career.


Whatever your story it runs deeper than the way you present yourself as an artist.  

Lorde shows strength all the way around - following her gut: "...99 percent of the time, your gut is right, and you know what's right for you.  I know exactly what's right for my career, my art, and sometimes, even if the whole room is saying, 'Don't do that, don't do that,' you know that doing that is going to be good for you..." (Rolling Stone cover story)

Even Lorde's approach to social media shows her story of strength: sharing what she wants, when she wants on her Tumblr account.  Posting equal number of real life and live performance images on Instagram.  And calling out her airbrushed acne-free images on Twitter.

Lorde's story is strength.  

What's yours?  Lets find out together.