Why Tell Stories?


When was the last time a fact moved you to action?

For me… never.

Facts are necessary and helpful in communication, but rarely do they move people past the point of understanding to that of engagement.

It’s the heart, emotion and convictions behind the facts that draw people in.  It’s the story.

As an independent artist your ability to support yourself is based on how many people have ‘bought in’ to the story you’re telling.

So if you’d like to make a living on your art, the question becomes, ‘how do I tell my unique story more effectively?’

Social media is not your story.  Music videos are not your story.  Album artwork is not your story.  Your songs are not even your story.  All of those elements can be wonderful tools of more persuasive communication – but they are not the story.

The most fundamental components of telling an effective story, you ask?  Understand the story you’re telling, and knowing your audience. 

What are you trying to say?  Who are you trying to reach?

The way you respond to those two questions influences everything else.  Whether you’re not sure of the story you’re telling, or want to know how to communicate your story with influence, let’s work together to cultivate a story that moves people to action.