9 May: Tuesday Refocus

‘Worship is wanting to be a tool in the hand of God for Him to do with as He pleases.’ – Rich Mullins

We understand that worship is more than a song. 

And conceptually grasp that worship is all of life… but when we are in the trenches of relationships, work, class, ministry and mission – do our lives reflect being a tool in the hand of God to be used however He pleases?  What would that even look like?

I think it looks like, living as Christ – and dying as gain (Phil 1:21).

And how did Christ live?  Emptying Himself, taking the form of a servant, humbling Himself, and ultimately became obedient to death (Phil 2:7-8).

So when you feel poured out in your Gospel Community, in the investment in your children, in your course work… empty yourself as Christ emptied Himself – as an act of worship.

When people take advantage and do not appreciate you… serve as Christ served – as an act of worship.

When pride tells you that you are not being treated as well as you deserve… humble yourself as Christ humbled Himself – as an act of worship.

And when you’re tempted to take the self-serving, easy way out… become obedient to death as Christ became obedient – because, for us, death is gain.

To serve,