Not Lose Heart

'What do your people need to hear?'

That question began the construction of this song in 2014 with my friend, Robert Morrison.

And here I sit at the beginning of 2017 and this song has been what I need to hear.  After the most difficult 18 months for myself, and an unrelenting 2016 for most of my friends and family this Scripture song is what we all need to hear.  Our troubles which loom large in the present, in light of eternity are but a passing breath in the unshakeable faithfulness of God.

So we do not lost heart.

When this world presses in You won't fail / Troubles here, but a breath

When it seems I'm on my own, You are there / And we will not lose heart

Let us see the things we cannot see / Remind our hearts that You are near

Let us look to Your glory, God / For You alone are good

Though this life wastes away, You won't fail / You renew us day by day

When I can't stand anymore, You are there / And we will not lose heart

Prepare us for the weight of Your glory / Let us not lose heart