Projects: Working With Newsboys

One of the first artists I had the opportunity to work with when I moved to Nashville was, Newsboys.  First as a part of their record label, and more recently as they released their independent hymns project: ‘Hallelujah For The Cross.’

One of the things that management asked me to do was help put together resources for worship leaders – with this being a hymns record, in many ways they wanted to be able to resource the Church with classic songs with a modern update.

Being a worship leader myself I knew there were a couple of things that I always find helpful: chord charts, song stories, and reference material.  So that’s what I helped create for the band:

Chord charts for every song on the album.

Song Stories – Who wrote the songs, what inspired their beginnings.

Thematic and Text Tie Ins – many of the songs were written from specific Bible verses, so I wanted to include those references.

Song Stream Videos: From a marketing perspective we also created a song stream teaser video leading up to release, as well as individual song slide videos – a great way to encourage listening and sharing by one of the biggest music streaming sites – YouTube!

There are two questions every artist needs to be asking as they release new material and content – who am I, and who am I trying to reachDon’t create content for content’s sake, create things that make sense with your brand and the audience you’re trying to reach.

Do you know who you are? 

Do you know whom you’re trying to reach? 

If you’re unsure, let’s answer those questions together. 

Let’s tell your story together, email me here.