The Artist Debate

I know, kill me.  One more person posting a blog about Kanye, Beyonce and Beck.

But this is not really a blog about ‘justice for Beyonce’ or about how ‘Beck actually knows how to play instruments.’  Because if I’m honest, I’m a big fan of both of these artists!

beyonce beck kanye

And that’s the truth – they are both artists.

Of course that looks different for each of them because they have unique gifting, unique talents, and unique desires about how they want to use their craft to affect their listeners.

When it comes to artists, just like everything in life – one size does not fit all.  One songwriter/musician/singer is no more of an artist than the next – their artistry just looks different because it comes from a different artist.

What makes an artist stand out is their ability to know their voice (not speaking of merely singing) and knowing how to effectively use it accomplish the desired result: to connect, to make a career, to build fans, and to influence and impact.

What makes artists stand out is their ability to be as Bob Dylan said in his 2015 MusiCares speech: ‘fearless and sensitive at the same time.’  Sensitive to their craft and calling, sensitive to their listeners, and sensitive to the broader artistic community.

You do not need to wonder if you are an artist based on the type of music you sing, play and write.  You are an artist.  The question you need to ask yourself is, do you know how to translate your artistry to effectively communicate your story.  Let’s work through that together, email me here