Case Study: Throwback Honesty - She & Him

Good brands don’t put on a brand – it flows from the essence of who they are naturally.  There is always crafting, shaping and refining, but never a forgery of true identity.  That is clearly the case with well-branded artists.  One example of that would be: She & Him.

Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward formed the band in 2006, bonding over a love for George Martin and Phil Spector produced albums.  With each individual working on their own solo projects, as well as Matt producing recordings for other artists, their point of bonding became the jump off for the music that they would create together.

The ‘wall of sound’ method made popular by Spector in the 1960’s the characterizes so much music of that time, as well as Martin’s creative approach to many British pop/rock artist’s can be heard throughout the songwriting, recording, and production of each of She & Him’s four projects.

she and him

Melodically, musically and visually the band represents 60’s and 70’s pop music; layered vocals, reverb-heavy simplistic production and ‘lovey-dovey’ lyrics.  Typically it would bother me that an artist isn’t active on their social media – but who knows, maybe even that is an intentional choice to represent the artist’s of yesteryear! 

Take a look at their trailer for their new album… If YouTube was around in the 60’s I’m sure this would be an accurate representation of those artists as well.

She and Him know their story – and they stick to it.  Because well-branded artists know who they are and how to craft their story, instead of forcing themselves into a direction that doesn’t make sense.  Do you know your story?  Do you know how to craft the brand that already exists in your artistry?  Let’s do that together.  You can email me here.