The Importance Of Your Live Show

They say the music industry is dead.

I don’t believe that for a second.  Sure, it’s changing, but that doesn’t mean it’s dead or dying.  The distribution of recorded music looks different now than it did 30 years ago, but one thing that hasn’t changed?  The live show.

There is still no replacement for a great band on stage creating a moment between the musicians and the audience.  There is something unique in that moment.

the importance of the live show

Bands that understand their story know that these are five important elements that deserve consideration for their live show:


It’s all about the flow.  Disjointed songs that jump back and forth between tempo and content are like stopping and starting to the audience.  Make sure it makes sense.


Some bands have natural, easy, fun on stage banter.  You can tell they feel comfortable with one another, and therefore the audience feels comfortable.  Some bands are awkward and the audience feels uncomfortable as they robotically speak on stage.  Practice, practice, practice what you’re going to say, and then practice again.


Until you’re at the stadium level, you probably won’t have a tech to tune your hundreds of guitars, which means it's all you.  But for the love of all things holy, please don’t stop the momentum of your show for tuning your guitar.  Plan your flow, and transitions accordingly.


I’m always surprised when a band does not have any merch.  These days it’s so inexpensive to have high quality t-shirts, custom posters, stickers, and recorded music, there is really no reason not to have some kind of branded merchandise.  If you’ve converted fans with your show, give them the opportunity to show their affection – with a impulse purchase.


Perhaps one of my biggest pet peeves – when a band never says their name.  Do you want people to track you down online, on iTunes or social media?  Make sure you say your name often, over and over again.


What you do in your live show is as much a part of your story as your songs, styling and social media.  Is your live show telling a story consistent with your brand?  Let’s determine that together.  Email me here to get started.